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Areal Mapping & GIS Services
Aerial Platform

Aerial Platform

ALTUS LSA provides services with the Spylite from Bluebird Aero Systems, with thousands of hours in operations and provides reliable, flexible and cost effective solutions with the following capabilities:
Speed: 70 to 100 km/hr
Range: 60 km (depending on the GCS Configuration)
Endurance: 4hrs (depending on the Battery Configuration)

Spylite Photogrammetric Payload:
24 MP DSLR professional camera
Stabilized vertically in the roll axis
Controlled by the Autopilot (stabilization, image capturing)
Fixed 35 mm lens
The payload transmits real time video of stabilized camera to GCS

Using our in-house Software, we are capable to produce varius products including: Orthophotos, Mosaics, DTM and DSM with high accuracy and with the less time needed by the operator.


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